Get Lost, Lauren is my personal blog and photos of my travels over the years. I have spent my entire career as a global corporate consultant, but I think I was born with insatiable wanderlust in my veins. My professional life has provided amazing travel opportunities and lots of travel points/miles that have taken me to 3 continents - 23 countries and most of the US, so far. Where to next? My current obsessions: Portugal, the Italian Rivera, Greece, and Jordan.

My Travel Style

My trips are usually a week or less, thus requiring a lot of research to make the most of my time. I try to pack authentic experiences into a short amount of time, getting lost along the way!

My Travel Philosophy

Get lost!! Don't follow a strict itinerary. Do your research, but don't be afraid to get off the beaten path. The best stories are usually born out of getting a little lost and finding the unexpected. I hope to inspire you to get out and get lost on your own adventure with some advice on how to do it.

Why Book through Me?

I understand, travel planning can make even the most confident person nervous when deciding on where to stay, how to get there, what to do, where to eat… The internet has made travel planning an overwhelming experience! Who has time for that?! Let me help you find your perfect trip!


All photos on this site were taken by Lauren as she has been travelling the world taking thousands of pictures along the way. For permission to use a photo, inquire at